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Dental care for all ages in North Bay Shore

North Bay Shore family dentist
North Bay Shore family dentist

Dental care for all ages means not just simply welcoming everyone, but making sure that the specific needs and requirements that they have are being optimally met. At the office of Richard R. Tesser, DMD and Robert I. Halle, DMD, we offer a wide range of essential dental services, and whether our patient is a child, an adult, or a senior, our North Bay Shore family dentist is focused on getting the best possible results, for both now and the future.

Kids need special attention to the prevention of tooth decay for several reasons. For instance, children tend to love sugar and that puts their teeth at greater risk. Also, to lose a baby tooth too soon can complicate the eruption of the adult teeth later on. On a more personal level, we know that as a parent, you don’t want your child to experience pain if it is in any way possible to avoid it. Toothaches can be stopped if you bring him or her in to see our North Bay Shore family dentist every six months. Filling any cavities promptly, and eliminating tartar buildup with a teeth cleaning put the odd is her or his favor. Our senior patients might be more concerned with good prevention and maintenance in order to hold onto natural teeth for life. Loss of teeth is not unavoidable. And adults and seniors alike may find benefit from restorations, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, and oral surgery, all of which are performed with the expert care and the experience that you expect from our North Bay Shore family dentist.

Our dental care for all ages does not make assumptions. You are not necessarily an age group but an individual. And that is exactly how you are treated at our office. Reach out to us right now and book an appointment for you (or your child) to come in and get routine care or help for an urgent matter.

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