North Bay Shore teeth whitening

North Bay Shore Teeth Whitening

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Reasons for teeth whitening in North Bay Shore

North Bay Shore teeth whitening
North Bay Shore teeth whitening

Whiter teeth sounds like a great idea, but what are the reasons for it? Here at the office of Richard R. Tesser, DMD – Robert I. Halle, DMD, we’re pleased to provide effective, quick, safe treatments to take you from stained, discolored, dull teeth to more brilliantly bright ones.

Fluorosis is a discoloration of your teeth occurs when you have had too much fluoride during the period of time when your teeth are developing. In general, fluoride is a good thing, but all good things can be overdone. As you age, your tooth enamel wears down. It’s a slow, but steady progression, in which the tissue beneath becomes increasingly revealed. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as white as your enamel. However, there is no doubt that the choices you make in terms of your personal habits play the biggest part in the need for our North Bay Shore teeth whitening. The first thing most people think of, and rightly so, is smoking. Nowadays, smokeless tobacco is also very popular, and it has the same negative impact on your teeth coloring. Yellow or even brown teeth can result. Coffee and tea are two other culprits, along with cola and red wine. Few people don’t consume at least one of them on a regular basis. Foods are part of the equation, as well. Curry, soy sauce, hard candy, and berries are some of the more common ones. Also, tetracycline is one of the prescription drugs that stain teeth, and for which our North Bay Shore teeth whitening helps with. If you were tempted to pick up a whitening product off your drug store or supermarket shelf, take a second to consider that what you can get here offers more noticeable results, without any possible risk of harming your tooth enamel due to abrasive ingredients.

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